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Van Nuys Bail Bond Service

Our local professional staff in the Van Nuys area can assist you with any bail bonds services. If you or your loved one have been arrested you will go through a “booked” process where they take your information and conduct a criminal background check. For a crime that is not serious, an individual can post bail after you or your loved have been booked. This is the time you can call us immediately as we are open 24/7. Otherwise, you or your loved one would have to wait for a bail hearing.

Our Promise:

  • We will not charge you for an initial consultation
  • We specialize in first time arrests
  • Fastest possible releases
  • Open 24/7/365

Every situation is different and we will help you find the fastest route to get you or your loved one out of jail.

How much does the bail bond cost?

In Los Angeles County the bail amount will depend on how severe the crime is. For example, according to Los Angeles Felony Bail Schedule you’ll see that your bail can range anywhere from $20,000 for the less serious offenses, to millions of dollars for the most severe offenses. It is ultimately up to the judge who will set your bail amount, depending on what offense you are charged with.

In addition to the bail amount set by the judge, there is a service fee for a bail bonds company to post the bail bond for the individual to be released from custody. Luckily at Power Bail Bonds of Los Angeles, we offer extremely low rates, and can offer zero money down with payment plans in most cases.

How quickly your loved one can be released from Jail

In Los Angeles, the process is quick as we have helped many different individuals post bail. But don’t wait for the last moment, act now. If you wait too long, the process will be slower as Los Angeles jails are very busy.

How To Get Started With Power Bail Bonds in the Van Nuys area

Call us today at with the following information:

  • Person’s Full Legal Name
  • Person’s Date Of Birth
  • Booking Number (if known)
  • What is the charge
  • Bail Amount (if known)

We will than contact jail facility and find out exactly bail amount and have your loved one released ASAP.

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