Common Bail Bonds Questions Answered

When you or a loved one experiences an unfortunate situation with the law for the first time, it can be difficult to obtain accurate legal information quickly and affordably. Where can you look? Who can you call? Bail Bonds companies are the best resource to call for clarity, answers, and help, for anyone recently arrested, or otherwise entering into the legal system. Below, we have outlined a few of the most pressing, and common, questions asked by those in need of legal rescue.

How To Bail Someone Out of Jail

Perhaps the most commonly searched question pertaining to arrests on the Internet is “how to bail someone out of jail”. Below are the two main options for bailing someone out of jail.

Option #1)

While there are a few available options, the fastest and most effective route is to call an agency that specializes in Bail Bonds in Los Angeles. If someone you know is stuck behind bars and has recently been booked, the best thing for you to do is to call a local Bail Bonds agency and ask them to look up the arrestees’ case. If you have the name of the jail that they were taken to, their name, birth date, and any other helpful information, the bondsman will be able to swiftly contact the jail to acquire all of the necessary details about their case, including if they qualify for bail. For more serious crimes, the option for bail might be non-existent as the arrestee could be seen as a threat to society and therefore held in the system until their arraignment date. Your Bail Bondsman will then reach out to you after having spoken to the jail, and explain all of your options. Typically, when a bail bonds agency fronts the bail amount, they require a 10% non-refundable deposit. This percentage is based on the overall bail amount. For example, if bail is set to $10,000, you would be required to pay the bonds agency $1,000 before they post the full bail amount in order to release your loved one. Once the full payment clears, your loved one will be let out of jail on bail and under strict terms and agreements.

Option #2)

If you assume the responsibility as the co-signer and can afford to front the entire bail amount, the responsibility now rests on you to ensure your loved one makes all of their court dates and hearings, otherwise, the bail agreement becomes nullified, and all of your money is taken by the courts. In addition, the arrestee will become a wanted individual. Essentially, if you can afford it, you do not have to go through a Bail Bonds agency, however, the inherent risk of assuming responsibility for someone else will increase substantially, as you will forfeit all of your money if the arrestee does not make their scheduled hearings as compared to the 10% deposit you would pay to a Bonds agency.

Do You Get Bail Money Back?

As previously explained, if you decide to work with a Los Angeles Bail Bonds Company, you will be asked to pay a non-refundable downpayment which legally cannot exceed 10% of the asking bail amount. In this scenario, regardless of the case outcome, the bail bonds agency will get their money back if the defendant shows up to all of their scheduled hearings and court dates. However, if the defendant chooses to miss any one of their scheduled court dates then the agency will assume financial responsibility for the individual and forfeit the full bail amount to the courts.

Similarly, if you decide to forgo working with a Bail Bonds agency and you front the money yourself, then you will get 100% of your money back if the defendant appears to all of their scheduled hearings. If they do not appear, you will lose 100% of the bail money you fronted to the court.

How Is Bail Amount Calculated?

The bail amount is calculated based on the severity of the crime, a risk assessment of the individual, and the likelihood of that person appearing to their scheduled court hearings. For misdemeanor cases and smaller crimes, the asking bail amount will be significantly less than compared with felonies or more serious crimes. In some extreme cases, individuals will not qualify for bail altogether, as the defendant is viewed as a risk to society.

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