What happens if someone skips bail

What happens if someone skips bail If you or a loved one is out on bail, and you skip a court date appearance, this can be a very serious matter.  Immediately, the court will most likely issue a warrant for your arrest, and you won’t be eligible to get bailed out a second time.  If […]

Bail Bonds for being arrested on Gun Charges

California Firearms / Gun Laws California is known to have some of the nation’s strictest gun laws. There are many laws that restrict what type of firearm you can purchase, as California has a “Handgun Roster” law. This law restricts what types of firearms are sold in California. For example, a certain brand and/or model […]

What Happens If Someone Is Re-Arrested While Out On Bail?

People get arrested every day, and with almost all of these arrests you are capable of posting bail. Having knowledge of bail bonds and how to post bail is very important in these situations. However, what happens if someone gets re-arrested again while out on […]

What happens when you’re arrested for a DUI charge?

If you ever get arrested under a DUI charge, what do you expect will happen? You will be booked and will be put behind bars for around 48 hours (it will neither be more than that nor be less). If it is your first DUI, you can expect to get a softer sentence than someone […]