Los Angeles Crime Rates Drop Significantly Amid Coronavirus

For the past month and a half, the county of Los Angeles has experienced staggering numbers of crime and ensuing arrests. Not separate from what has occurred throughout the rest of the country, this pandemic-induced crime trend has freed up a fair amount of potential arrestees from entering the prison system.

What’s Causing What?

Taking a look into what cumulative factors are contributing to these declines, it appears that the government suggested shelter-in-place and other such mandated quarantines have had the largest impact feeding these sharp declines. Widespread psychological fear of physical contact and money trouble is other possible contributions. With literally millions of Americans working from home and avoiding restaurants, bars, gyms, and other such social interactions, there is significantly less potential for street crime. Additionally, with so many people staying in their homes, burglary rates and property crime numbers are steadily declining. Many are estimating, however, that spousal abuse incidents and domestic violence numbers may experience a substantial increase.

People are fearful, stressed, mentally and physically taxed, and the jobs of millions across the States are in question. These stressors could very well actualize as violent crimes down the road, with growing dissatisfaction and nervousness plaguing the nation.

How Can You Safeguard Yourself and Your Loved Ones?

Due to a reduced ability to make arrests, LAPD is asking that everyone become increasingly discerning with the severity of their 911 calls and reporting. And if at all possible (excluding injuries, violent crime, and potentially dangerous situations) that less serious, non-emergency crimes be reported online at http://www.lapdonline.org/home/content_basic_view/60409. All incidents reported using the Community Online Reporting Service will be reviewed on average once every 24 hours.

These unprecedented circumstances dictate our daily behavior, in that we must be increasingly more careful, conscious and aware of our surroundings, our effects and interactions with others while tensions are high and stress levels are unsurmountable. Aim to limit your exposure to crowded places such as grocery stores, the DMV, airports, and medium to large social gatherings. Washing your hands often, refraining from touching metal surfaces, drinking plenty of water, getting daily sun exposure, exercise and healthy eating habits are all highly recommended proactive measures to integrate into your day to day during this global upheaval.

What Does This Mean For Our Judicial System?

In a sense, this all-consuming virus has produced surprisingly positive outcomes for our local jails, prisons, and courthouses, as they experience a welcomed break from the typical taxation on an already overburdened system. Police stations throughout the country, as well as here in Los Angeles, have made a concerted effort to reduce the number of daily arrests to give the system a break and decrease the instance of viral spread in overcrowded establishments. The obvious fears of this pandemic sweeping through our prisons are almost unthinkable in its severity. Jail and prison hospitals are not even close to prepared to handle a mass outbreak if it were to happen. Recognizing this, LA County has made the necessary cutbacks to criminal sentencing, with words from LAPD spokesman Josh Rubenstein, saying, “We don’t want to tie up resources and impact the population in our court system or jails.”

“The Sheriff’s Department is releasing inmates from its jails and cutting down on how many people it books into custody to protect those housed in close quarters. Additionally, the L.A. County court system has suspended all proceedings for several days.” -Ben Poston, staff writer for Los Angeles Times says this past Wednesday.

With all of this in mind, we hope that our fellow Angelinos can move forward with one foot in front of the other, safely, compassionately, and ready to adhere to these new circumstances.

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