Can you leave the state if you are out on bail?

Can you leave the state if you are out on bail?

It can happen to any of us. You may have planned for months to go on that special vacation with your loved ones or with good friends, but suddenly life throws you a curve-ball when you go through the unfortunate experience of being arrested and later released on bail. It is a situation which can affect anyone and can leave you asking many questions. Our team at Power Bail Bonds are often asked by clients whether they can still leave the state if they are out on bail. Before anyone on bail cancels their vacation, travelling out-of-state is often allowed depending on the circumstances of your case and bail terms.

Freedom of Travel While Out on Bail.

One of the great advantages of bail, is the freedom of movement you are granted while you wait for your court case to proceed. Here at Power Bail Bonds, we understand that travelling out-of-state is a right and we always aim to secure your freedom of travel. Get in touch with the court that supervised your judicial process before travelling out-of-state. The court will confirm if you can travel to other states and share any other additional requirements. Ask the court to declare in writing, that you can travel freely between states. This will stop police wrongly re-arresting you. If you are unlucky enough to be denied permission to move between states – then you should avoid travelling to another state or country, otherwise you could be re-arrested, or your bond forfeited. If police arrest you again, then may even fine you and jail you for the rest of your sentencing process. Rules around travel for those released on bail can vary between cases and charges, so always make sure you speak to your attorney. Interstate travel is usually allowed for those released from local or county jails. However, it is unlikely defendants released on a federal bond will be allowed to travel to another state. A federal bond is issued when someone has been accused of a federal crime and will usually restrict travel to a limited area within their state. Sometimes those served with a federal bail bond are able to obtain temporary exemption from a judge, but the request must be made through a federal bail bondsman or your attorney. Anyone who has failed to appear in court, has skipped bail or is thought to be a flight risk could face difficulties when travelling to other states.

Out-of-State Travel While Out on Bail.

If your case is still pending, you should be able to travel in-state and out-of-state. Bail gives everyday Americans the freedom to enjoy life. If you have a family emergency, or your job requires you to travel to other states, your bail bond agent should be able to help secure your rights to travel. Clients should be able to get consent from the court to travel so long as they are not released on a federal bond. At Power Bail Bonds, our dedicated and professional agents are available 24/7 and will support you every step of the way. If travel is possible, our bail bond agents will do everything they can to ensure your journey out-of-state is as stress-free as possible. International travel is not usually allowed but contact your attorney and bail bond agent if you have any arrangements or plans to travel internationally. The authorities often prevent international travel to reduce the chance of a defendant skipping bail. In the most serious of cases, a judge setting bail may require the defendant hand over their passport to the court to stop them from leaving the US. It is important to get good advice before you set off on your travels. Power Bail Bonds is one of the largest bail bond companies in California, with experienced agents on hand to answer any difficult questions and give expert advice. Contact our team for free and confidential advice on 1-844-499-2245

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