What Happens If Someone Is Re-Arrested While Out On Bail?

People get arrested every day, and with almost all of these arrests you are capable of posting bail. Having knowledge of bail bonds and how to post bail is very important in these situations. However, what happens if someone gets re-arrested again while out on bail bonds?

For starters, when it comes to and posting bail, there has to be a bail bonds company and a co-signer (the person who signed on behalf of the offender). Both the co-singer and the bail bonds company that assisted with the bail bonds have the responsibility of making sure that the defendant goes to court as often as required and is well-behaved generally. How many times the person will appear in court will depend on the type of crime he/she is being charged with.

For example, for posting bail bonds in Los Angeles, if the person happens to get himself/herself re-arrested again while on bail, then both the co-signer and the bail bonds company are relieved of their responsibility towards the defendant as regards to the case for which the bail bonds were initially posted. It doesn’t matter if the re-arrest was for a parole violation or the defendant was accused of a new crime, the bail bonds company and the co-signer are relieved of their responsibility either way.

More still, getting yourself re-arrested again while on bail can have serious implications on your previous case, as well as the new case for which you were arrested for. When you get arrested for a new crime, it sort of thwarts any settlement negotiations your lawyer already made with the prosecutor. This may likely make the prosecutor re-start settlement negotiations all over again or just end plea bargain negotiations completely and decide to pursue charges.

Sometimes the prosecutor can decide to charge you with an enhancement for a ‘crime bail crime’- a situation where you were out on bail for a felony matter and then commits another felony. This could additional two years on any sentence you could have received on the new offense.

Another thing that can happen to you when you get re-arrested again for another crime while out on bail is that: the court can revoke your bail, take you into custody and not set a new bail or they will increase your bail if it was set below initial bail schedule. What this means is that if your bail happened to be revoked, then the money you’ve already paid to the bail bond company is gone.

If you, your loved one or co-worker has been re-arrested again after posting bail bonds in Los Angeles county, you need to seek out professional help immediately. It’s important that you stay within the confine of the law when trying to resolve legal issues and only a qualified bail bonds company and an experienced attorney can help you do that.  Fortunately, the experts at Power Bail Bonds can help.  We have offices in most major cities in Southern California including Los Angeles, and will be expanding Northern California and other cities soon.

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